Quebec's daycare system envied by other provinces

Source: Montreal Gazette, November 23, 2011

Excerpt: "Quebec's $7-a-day subsidized day-care program is the envy of parents across the country. Quebec parents think it's a pretty sweet deal, too, if it weren't for that one dot on the blackboard - there still aren't enough spaces for every family that wants in. A national study on early child-hood education released Tuesday ranks Quebec far ahead of every other province when it comes to access, quality and affordability of preschool programs for toddlers.  And Pierre Fortin, an economist at Université du Québec à Montréal, says he's started hearing from officials in other provinces, intrigued by recent findings that show Quebec's daycare scheme is as good for the bottom line as it is for the long-term health and welfare of the next generation. Fortin cites research that shows Quebec and Ottawa reap $1.49 in taxes for every $1 the province spends on public daycare."


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