Early childhood education for all kids starting at age 2

Source: Toronto Star, Parenting Central blog, November 22, 2011

Excerpt: "Today we learned about a report that recommends good quality, publicly-funded early childhood education for all Canadian children starting at the age of 2. The Early Years Study 3 said there was an "avalanche of evidence" that shows just how far quality, play-based childcare goes to set children on a good path in life. This report is the third installment in a series of research papers by the late Dr. Fraser Mustard, Margaret Norrie McCain and Kerry McCuiag, which set the groundword for all-day kindergarten in Ontario. In an exclusive interview with the Star, Mustard, who passed away last week, made the point that the risk for physical and mental health problems is set in early childhood."

Link: http://thestar.blogs.com/parentcentral/2011/11/early-childhood-education-for-all-kids-starting-at-age-2.html

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